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During this crisis, we are keeping up to date and following CDC guidelines to protect our family of patients as well as our office family. We are spreading out our patient schedule, keeping our front door open during business hours (weather permitting), cleaning and disinfecting all equipment, surfaces, spectacle frames that have been tried on, used pens, etc., after each patient. We are also using an operating room-grade disinfectant on all surfaces several times a day. Additionally, our equipment used to assess any change in your prescription is all “advanced digital,” so that we can test for changes in your prescription from an iPad several feet away (as opposed to the old dials that are manually turned from a very close distance to you to test your prescription).

We ARE OPEN TO SEE PATIENTS (7:30A-4:30P, Monday-Friday) but are assessing the needs of all who call our office to determine when would be the best time to schedule their appointment. For contact lens wearers, we are extending contact lens expiration dates and shipping 3-6 month supplies directly to patients, shipped at no charge. For patients taking medications for eye conditions (e.g., glaucoma, allergy sufferers), we are extending their prescriptions as well if they are unable or unwilling to come to the office.

For EMERGENCY PATIENTS, we are available even after business hours and on weekends. Since the start of this pandemic, we have encouraged patients to avoid emergency rooms and urgent care centers so that they could focus on patients potentially infected with the virus, and to protect you from potential exposure to patients who might be infected. If you call our office (480-513-3937) after hours, you will be instructed how to page Drs. Cohen and Goldberg. We will be paged and call you back.
These are, indeed, difficult times. We are here for you now and will continue to be after this crisis has passed. Stay safe and stay well.