We have seen advances in technology in all areas of our lives, and the contact lens industry is no different. Development of new contact lenses has had an objective of providing patients with optimal vision affordably.

The epitome of this is with daily replacement contact lenses. Studies show that wearing a new contact lens every day is the healthiest way to wear lenses. By inserting a clean, fresh lens daily, the potential for buildup of allergens and irritants is minimized. Daily contact lenses also provide convenience since there is no need to clean or store lenses.

The latest additions to this contact lens category are the “One-Day Acuvue Moist” and “TruEye.” “TruEye” clinical studies showed that there was no significant effect on the ocular surface on the lens-wearing eye when compared to the non-contact lens wearing eye. This means that using “TruEye” can keep your eyes looking white and healthy throughout the day.

Like many “Acuvue” products, “Moist” and “TruEye” offer the highest level of UV- blocking in a contact lens (90% of UV-A and 99% of UV-B). They are also offering large rebates for both new and current “Acuvue” wearers.

Daily replacement contact lenses provide the epitome of comfort, convenience, vision, and eye health. Whether for full-time or occasional use. wearing daily replacement contact lenses can be…like wearing nothing at all!

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