Children across the country are getting ready for a new school year. Now’s the time to examine your children’s vision . Healthy vision is key to the developmental process and success in the classroom. There are numerous subjects that depend on optical skills, such as reading, writing and computer work, which children are required to perform everyday. Yet, studies prove that 86 percent of children return to the school year without any eye check up.

A good number of the issues a child suffers from in school can stem from vision problems. The percentage of students who are affected by undiagnosed problems with eyesight is extremely high. Studies demonstrate that 60 percent of students classified as “problem learners” really suffer from undetected vision troubles. You can avoid childhood trauma if you make it a priority to ensure your child’s vision is up to par.

Don’t wait until your child enters kindergarten for his first complete eye check-up. Your child’s doctor should do a dilated eye check-up to discover any serious eye problems by the first two months of life. It’s crucial to uncover any problems at a young age, since children usually respond better to treatment when taken care of early. Furthermore as a parent, it’s important to make sure your child enjoys reading. In general, most kindergarteners are eager to look at books and attempt to read. Children that don’t read books may be experiencing a vision issue. Before you jump to any conclusions, it’s a advisable to get a vision screening. For an eye exam for your child in Scottsdale, AZ, call us to book an appointment.

Remember that the earlier a vision impairment is detected and taken care of, the more likely treatment will be successful. And eyesight is a key component for school work. If a child’s eyesight is flawed, he will have a much harder time with assignments. At the same time new technological advances in the classroom, such as using interactive whiteboards, can also possibly make less obvious vision problems worse. Without healthy vision, students may struggle not only at school, but also socially. Before school starts this year, make sure your child’s vision is on par! Contact us to book an Scottsdale, AZ eye exam today.