Contact Lenses – Scottsdale, AZ – Contacts for the Phoenix area

  • We proudly offer Scottsdale and Phoenix all types of contact lenses, whether for bifocals, dry eyes, astigmatism, or if you just want to change your eye color. There are also contact lenses that block up to 99% of Ultraviolet Radiation that can cause long-term damage to our eyes just as it can to our skin.
  • Dr. Cohen is one of the national leaders in contact lenses, and serves on the national advisory council for several of the top contact lens manufacturers.
  • Our office typically receives new contact lens designs several months before they are available to the general public.
  • There is much more than “meets the eye” when it comes to successful contact lens management. Our “Contact Lens Success Plan” works to ensure optimal vision and comfort for long-term contact lens success. Our services include:
    • If you are new to wearing contact lenses, we will extensively review the options available for your particular needs
    • One-on-one instructions and training for the proper placement, removal, and care for your contact lenses
    • Digitally measure the shape of the front surface of your eyes (“cornea”)
    • Topographically “map” the front surface of your eyes
    • Ultrasonic measurement of the thickness of the front of your eyes, providing a baseline for future comparison
    • Evaluation of your vision with the contact lenses
    • Microscopically assess the health of the front of your eyes, as well as the fit of your contact lenses
    • Provide you with the proper contact lens cleaning and disinfecting solutions to maintain your eye health and vision
    • Provide the necessary management visits, allowing you time to assess your contact lenses in your daily environment before the lenses are prescribed and purchased
    • Include any necessary changes in the contact lenses during the management period
    • Provide you with discounts on non-prescription sunglasses to use in conjunction with your contact lenses

We maintain an inventory of our most popular contact lenses at our Scottsdale office to provide fast, convenient service.

  • Your supply of contact lenses can be shipped to your home or office for free or for a nominal shipping fee.
  • We can also offer a free service to send you an e-mail or text message to remind you of when it is time to replace your contact lenses for optimal health and vision.
  • Contact lens costs may be the same or less than what can be found on-line or through other distribution sources, and may also include manufacturer’s rebates of up to $75.
  • In subsequent years, we will include a comprehensive assessment of your contact lenses and your eyes to maintain eye health, vision, and contact lens success. We will also keep you informed of advances in contact lenses that might be of value and benefit to you.

Doctor My Eyes and you… a winning combination for contact lens success!