Doctor My Eyes – Optical Boutique

Once we’ve made sure you are seeing your best, let us help you look your best!

Our optical boutique features a wide variety of designer and fashion eyewear,
and prescription and non-prescription sunglasses.

  • Extensive Collection of Eyeglass Frames
    • Beautiful Ophthalmic selection
    • Sunglasses for all ages and styles
    • Sports Protection-Adults and Children
    • Swim goggles
    • Safety Eyewear
  • Our lens manufacturer has been selected as one of the “Top 100 Technology Companies,” and is the only lens company worldwide to be included in this list.
    • Our “Trivex” lens is:
      • the lightest lens available
      • 4X stronger than polycarbonate lenses for maximum impact resistance
      • higher temperature resistance than polycarbonate lenses to enhance lens durability
      • 2X the scratch resistance of polycarbonate lenses
      • 33% less distorting than polycarbonate lenses
    • The “Digital FreeForm Progressive Lens”” offers
      • the smoothest design to decrease peripheral distortions and waviness
      • wider “intermediate” and “near” zones
    • Our “Recharge” Anti-Reflective Coating helps you:
      • look better
      • see better
      • It is a 32-layer process (on both the front and back surface of the lens) that:
        • eliminates most glare
        • limits Blue-Light transmission to help protect the macula against harmful rays from:
          • Computer Screens
          • Smart Phones
          • Tablets (some E-readers)
          • LED lighting
          • Most current television technology
        • provides the highest levels of light transmittance and scratch resistance
        • decreases lens surface smudges by repelling oil, water, dirt, and fingerprints
        • makes it easier to keep the lenses clean
  • Whether for your general use glasses, sunglasses, computer glasses, or for children’s glasses needs,
    we have a lens package for you that will
  • optimize your vision
  • maximize your comfort
  • help protect your eye health
  • save you money

“Doctor My Eyes” and you…a winning combination for a lifetime of wonderful vision!