Refractive Surgery

We work closely with some of the finest surgeons in the valley, with a commitment that we would only send you to someone that we would send our own family members (and often have!).

  • We now have more options to correct our vision than ever before.
  • On a surgical level, new techniques continue to develop to address an even wider range of vision conditions, with even more accuracy than ever before. 
    • One advance involves the use of a laser rather than a blade to create the “flap” in LASIK.  This produces considerably more accuracy, and significantly reduces post-op complications.
    • Another advance involves using what is known as “wave front technology,” offering a custom surgical procedure and resultant vision that can be even sharper than the pre-op best corrected vision.
    • A procedure to using radio waves (“Conductive Keratoplasty”) to help improve reading vision
    • A lens replacement surgery (“Clear lensectomy”) to improve vision for people who may not be candidates for LASIK.
    • New lens implants that actually allow the eyes to focus (allowing patients to see far away and up close).
  • Surgery is not for everyone.  Some people may not be good candidates due to the thickness of the front of their eyes.  Many others are uncomfortable with the thought of surgery, with its intrinsic risks and irreversibility. Fortunately, there are non-surgical options as well (“Corneal Refractive Therapy”).
  • During your comprehensive eye health evaluation, we can discuss your candidacy for surgery, the pros and cons of surgery, and the risk factors involved with surgery, and administer many of the necessary tests to help determine which procedure might be best for you.
  • Other surgeries are available for people who are noticing that their eyelids are starting to sag, often blocking part of their vision.
    • We can provide testing to determine the degree of blockage.  Often these results will indicate that the problem is medical in nature rather than cosmetic.  This, along with the associated symptoms, can sometimes help to secure insurance coverage for any corrective surgical procedure.
  • For your convenience and comfort, we routinely provide most pre- and post-surgical care right here in our office.