Your Eye Exam

Retinal-Photo-normalNormal Retina
Retinal-stroke-IM001794“Stroke” In The Eye

We offer eye exam services in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona. Dr. Cohen is an expert in examining your eyes and diagnosing eye diseases and eye conditions which affect your vision. Read below to learn why eye exams are so important.

Most of us are familiar with the saying “the eyes are the windows to the soul.”  It is certainly true that the eyes are the “windows to our health,” as more general health issues can be determined and monitored through our eyes than any other part of our body.

Scottsdale and Phoenix Eye Exams Explained

  • A comprehensive eye exam involves more than asking “which is better, one or two?”  The exam can include:
    • Tests for glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts
    • Optomap:  produces images that show the earliest stages of ocular health as well as systemic health
    • Neurological tests
    • Evaluation of the health of all external and internal ocular structures
    • “Nerve Fiber Analysis” which can pick up changes related to glaucoma several years before they show up on other available tests.
    • Computerized digital refraction to determine the most accurate prescription
    • Digital photography to document all parts of your eyes
    • Topographical mapping of the front of your eyes
    • Instruments to determine the precise amount of ultraviolet protection in your glasses
  • For children, about 80% of what is learned is through the visual system.  Our pediatric evaluation includes testing for important learning skills such as focusing, tracking, eye coordination, and eye teaming.
  • For computer users, we can determine your specific needs utilizing “Variable Technology” testing, the only FDA approved device that can simulate (in the exam room) visual conditions during computer use.
  • For people interested in surgical and non-surgical vision correction, Dr. Cohen works closely with some of the top surgeons in the state.  He was also one of the first doctors in Arizona to be certified to provide the FDA approved non-surgical vision correction called “Corneal Refractive Therapy
  • Since Dr. Cohen continues to participate in numerous FDA clinical studies for conditions such as dry eyes, we can provide the latest diagnostic and treatment options available.  As a consultant to numerous contact lens companies, we often receive new contact lens designs long before they are available to the public.