About Shelley

Office Manager/Tech

Shelley has been in the optical field since 1990 as a contact lens technician, as well as an optometric and ophthalmic technician. She received her “Certified Ophthalmic Assistant (C.O.A.)” certification in 2001, and worked as a surgery tech for a LASIK center for four years.

Shelley and Dr. Cohen started working together in 1995, and he was thrilled to have her join him again in 2003, after he opened his own practice. She has been the office manager since April 2015. Her responsibilities include managing the day to day issues of a busy practice, contact lenses, pre-testing, special diagnostic testing, as well as assisting in the front office and optical departments.

Shelley has been married to Jay since 1999, and they have three beautiful children (Jessica, Seamus, and Jack). With three children, she claims to have no time for hobbies, but if she did, she likes music, reading, and power walking.